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Curriculum Links Useful Links

ESOL curriculum

Adult ESOL Core Curriculum
E1, E2, E3, L1, L2

DfES ESOL materials online to print and use

Review of the future role of FE Colleges: Final Report

Trinity ESOL

Trinity ESOL Skills For LifeWebsite


Northern Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages NATESOL

IWB training guides online







Web tools, Clip-Art and resources for creating handouts and ILT

Creating Worksheets in Word [April 07]
red ball Training overview
red ball Using the Drawing toolbar in Word

Help with Microsoft Word

ESOL ILT How-to handouts
"How to" Handouts (That can be used as OHTs) to help learners access and use online resources


Sarah H's ILT eskills

Sarah H's e-skills handouts


The Collins WordbanksOnline English corpus is composed of 56 million words of contemporary written and spoken text.

Training Adult Literacy, ESOL, and Numeracy Teachers.

recycle for Manchester

Citizenship CCM ESOL Documents



Citizenship materials for ESOL learners pack

Life in the UK Test Website

Parliament & Government Worksheet

House of Commons Worksheet

House of Lords Worksheet

documents for self directed learning



Course Documents (all levels)

Student Contracts (L1)

Individual Learning Plan Documents

LearningStyles stuff

A21 Staff Documents
As agreed Feb 2004

Citizenship (Quick links) E


Section 1
What is citizenship?

Section 2
Parliament and the electoral system

Section 3
Geography and history

Section 4
The United Kingdom as a diverse society

Section 5
The United Kingdom in Europe,
the Commonwealth: Gov Info

The United Nations
Absolutenglish: worksheet, links and quizes

Section 6 Human rights

Section 7 Working in the UK

Section 8 Health

Section 9 Housing

Section 10 Education

Section 11 Community engagement

Section 12 Knowing the law



Change the way graphics are inserted
To insert and past graphics, you can decide the following:

Whether or not pictures are inserted as inline, so that they move with text, or floating, so that text wraps above, in front of, or behind them when you insert or paste them.
Whether or not a drawing canvas, which helps you arrange and move multiple graphics, is inserted around drawing objects, such as AutoShapes and text boxes, when you create them.
Specify the default positioning of pictures

On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click the Edit tab.
In the Insert/paste pictures as box, click the default positioning you want.
To set the default as inline, select Inline with text; to set the default as floating, select any of the other options.

Specify whether a drawing canvas is inserted around drawing objects

On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click the General tab.
Select or clear the Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes check box.

Mad stuff you might want to do

Trip links
Manchester Museum Website

money programme







YouTube Video






ESOL ILT theory and presentations

NATESOL 17th June 2003

ILT. Why Bother?
"Why bother to make the effort to improve teaching and learning... with technology?"

CCM ESOL ILT Birmingham presentation
20th May 2003

ILT/ICT in Basic Skills
30th April 2003 FC, CCM

Skills for Life Training 03



lesson ideas for non it classroom
non IT lessons

Classroom paper based ready to print and use materials

Links to lesson plans and activities that are ready to print out and use (to a greater and lesser extent).



Information on Extensive Reading


Garnet Education


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Using the SAC for class based (teacher led) lessons
Ideas and thoughts about how the SAC could be used and links to some materials on the Web which could be used in a class environment (teacher led).

Some documents that learners might want to use to support their self-directed learning in the SAC.

English Learner Movie Guides
Movies in the classroom. US focus but useful (paper-based) materials ready made for supporting a range of popular movies in the classroom at

Using Technology in the Classroom  
A series of links to websites that can help you learn about using technology (or could be used with your students to help them).

Create Activities
Sites to help you Creating Materials (games and activities)


ILT Theory

Notes related to SAC training.

Useful links related to SAC work for teachers. These bookmarks are also useful.





Computer activities
Experimental and Template Computer Activities

Drag and drop cloze readings
  Stuff to put into the SAC

Bevís Idiom Page

Check out your idiom knowledge on the following activities, or

build your idiom vocabulary at the following link!

Hotpotato Exercises to sort out and use




my link


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