Nancy Mann's Job interview

I = Interviewer N = Nancy Mann

I Who you for at the moment, Ms Mann?

N Um, I for the BBC World Service.

I Ah, and how long you for the BBC?

N I (be) with the BBC for five years. Yes, exactly five years.

I And how long you their German correspondent?

N For two years.

I And what you before the BBC?

N I as an interpreter for the EU.

I As you know, this job is based in Geneva. you ever abroad before?

N Oh yes, yes I .

I And when you abroad?

N Well, in fact, I in Argentina and I there until I was eleven. Also, I and in Brussels for two years when I for the EU.

I Mmm … That’s interesting. you much?

N Oh yes, yes indeed. I all over western and eastern Europe, and I also to
many parts of South America.

I Mmm … And why you to these places?

N Well, mostly for pleasure, but three years ago I back to Argentina to cover various political stories in Buenos Aires for the BBC.