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Ways of Looking. Vocabulary Exercises

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Ways of Looking Instructions
In this section of the Self-access Website you will practice vocabulary used for describing different ways of looking at things and people.

After you have completed these activities you will be able to differentiate between various ways of looking. You will demonstrate an understanding of appropriate usage by identifying and using the new vocabulary to pass a test in Blackboard with at least 80% accuracy.

There are four sections. You are free to move around as you wish, but you are recommended to do the exercises in order.  The exercises are for practice. No-one will know if you make a mistake so relax, explore and learn. The unit will take about one hour. 

When you feel you know all the words please take the test in Blackboard. If you haven't used Blackboard please read the Blackboard Help.

After you have finished the exercises please fill out the questionnaire in Blackboard. If you haven't used Blackboard please read the Blackboard Help.

If you have any comments or questions about anything in this unit you can write an email or use the feedback form.


Section 1a       

Section 1b

Section 1c




Practice Activities
2a Picture match    


2c Multi-choice       

2b Sound match

2d Multi-choice




3a Story  




Writing and Spelling 

4a Hangman        


4b Writing Practice  




Support for learners

List of all the words. Pronunciation, meanings and examples of usage


Video clips and animations
Some extra video and animation that helps to explain difficult vocabulary