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Vocabulary Activities



Short answers

A, an or some?

Uncountable nouns

Food crossword , 2




Some/any gapfill


Present simple

Crossword - present simple


[ ]



Making questions

Match the opposite adjectives


Comparatives crossword

Going to




Daily routine

Directions matching

Directions crossword

Making questions


[ ]

Computer Vocabulary
Quiz 1 Read and chose the corect answer (multiple choice)



Describing People

1. Face vocabulary matching memory game (pellmanism)

2. Face vocabulary spelling game

3. Face words Quiz 1

Body parts matching activity


Digestive system crossword Digestive terms

Related Links



[ ]
picture of the sun

The Weather
1. Speedword spelling practice 

2. Pellmanism Match the words

3. Weather Symbols Matching activity

4. Weather symbol matching 2

5. Weather gapfill (with teletext symbols)



Student made activitiesgames

Lulu's activities a) swahili weather jigsaw

b) swahili weather match

Mehdi'sactivities: a) farsi weather jigsaw

b) Farsi weather match word

c) Farsi weather Speedword



Play Hangman













Play the classic game and test your spelling and vocabulary

Test your memory and adjectives in this exciting game. 

Test your animals vocabulary!

Everyday items
Test your memory and vocabulary of things we find at home in this game GO


Afafs - Speedword



A simple listening exercise

Listening 1: Listen to the word and complete the phrase 



Reading Activities

Sample exercise using timed reading GO

John's Morning Routine
Sample exercise using Cloze reading about John's morning.

My bad day. 
Finish the story by adding the correct words 

Description of animals 
Read and match the description of animals with the pictures 


[ ]



Activities from
X Word 1 
Crossword of Common Words 
X word 2
Parts of the House Crossword
X Word 3
Uncountable Nouns Crossword
Activities from UVCS
Furniture Clothes
School and Office Animals
House Food



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