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Here are some materials that can be used in for helping students learn English. Often known as Information and Learning Technology (ILT) or Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). These materials have been used with ELT, EFL students at Entry One (elementary) level.

Can't go shopping - message to a friend
Your friend is going shopping and wants you to go too, but you can’t. Correct the grammar and punctuation in this exercise and tell them you can't go shopping.
  Shopping Message Key
Birthday Activities Message
It’s your birthday today, but this message to your friend has a lot of mistakes. (Grammar and punctuation error correction exercise.)
Birthday Message Key


Describing People

Describing faces 1

Describing faces 2


Online activities

Some/any gapfill


Present simple

Crossword - present simple

Daily routine

Directions matching , Directions crossword

Making questions

Short answers

Speaking exam part 1 , part 2A , part 2B , part 2C

Match the opposite adjectives

Clothes 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Face 1 , 2 Body 1

Describing people 1

Describing people 2

Describing people 3 (no-gap text) ________________________________

POSTERS: Choose 2 of the people in the documents below and describe them. Remember to put your name(s) at the bottom.

Persons A & B

Persons C& D

Persons E & F

Who are they? Click on the link below and type the name of the person in the 'search' box to find out.

Link to Wikipedia

Describing your family

Keith's family (no gap text)








Princess Diana - Past Tense Practice
Princess Diana Instructions, Princess Diana Worksheet, Princess Diana - Answers, Princess Diana - Extension


Using the NHS direct website. Instructions, Colds and Flu worksheet






The Weather
1. Practice your weather voabulary

3. World Capitals
Put the capital cities in the right place on the map

5. Write about the Weather in another students country (pdf file).

2 . Comparing Weather Websites worksheet

4. Capital Cities Weather
Find out the weather in the cities on this worksheet.

6. Where in the World? World wide weather search worksheet




Exercise one


Exercise two


              Trinity exam preparation  


Past simple verbs

Past simple matching 1 , 2

Queen Victoria

Princess Diana

Past simple





Correct the punctuation - March 2001 Task2 ; December 2001

Complete the gaps - March 2006 ; December 2004 ; January 2005 ; September 2004

Correct the mistakes- December 2006 ; October 2004 ; Sample paper




Capitals and fullstops
Capitals and fullstops exercise 1

Job titles and duties

Capitals 2
Complete the sentences and add punctuation. 

Worksheet practicing sentence formation. 


Reading/Writing (text recognition)
1. Writing about the Christmas and new year break. Instructions. Worksheet (open and edit in word). Key

2. What I did at the Weekend: Instructions. Worksheet (open and edit in word). Key.

3. Christmas text exercises - worksheet



House and rooms

Which room does it go in? Vocab and cut and paste activity. Demo activity.

My Favourite Room Text correction; Instructions; Key

Describing a room
Gap fill sentences practicing prepositions and there is, there are.



    Links to websites         Web activities  


Headway Elementary course book

E1 CCM online grammar exercises

English File online

In English Elementary

In English Starter

Natural English




Family matching vocabulary

Months wordsearch

Adjectives , 2 , 3 , 4

Telling the time matching game

Plural spelling game

Nationalities game

Jobs matching game , 2

Matching verbs game , 2 , 3 , 4




Can't go Shopping

Doctors appointment

What I'm doing at the moment


Help your neighbour

Postcard to a friend

Where you are going and why



Trinity text correction


5 simple messages

Please come shopping.

More Trinity text correction

Download these exam questions and fix any mistakes you can see. 

Make sure you put your name on the bottom of the note and save your corrected answer to your folder Print 1 copy..

Example 1                    Example 2

Example 3                    Example 4

Example 5                    Example 6

Word handout              pres


Angels (no gap text repair)


  Year end Quiz

Presentation & answers

About people 1
Writing sentences about personal information.
  Personal Information
Grammar and punctuation error Correction Exercise
Questions about people
Making Questions
Writing about classmates
Choose a classmate and write sentences describing them.

Comparatives 1
Writing sentences to compare two things - the tree is bigger than the flower.


Keith's Comparatives: click, download & do!

Keith's comparatives 2

Town and country (no gap text)


Comparatives 2
Free writing - compare the city and the countryside.


Present simple (1)
Identify verbs, then fill in the gaps in the sentences. 

Find names in a telephone directory
Find a number online using the CCM Website

  Internet shopping
Exercises using Asda website for shopping. (May 2003). Click here for pre-teach task on how to search under aisles.


College Cert Specific activities

3-7 Write a small Ad
Use the internet to look at small ads and then write one yourself.


ILT in the New ESOL Curriculum Entry Level 1 by Tower Hamlets College
Adult Basic Skills Resource Centre for students and tutors
We now have 150+ free printable PDF resources on the site
Pathfinder ILT Project John Budis
My Pathfinder project is aimed at developing Interactive worksheets at ESOL National Curriculum Entry level 2.

ESOL Summer School 2007


E2/E3 Tasks

Describing people 3 (no-gap text)

Keith's family (no gap text)

Job titles and duties (no gap text)



E2: describing actions in the past

E2: Past tense film plots 1

E2: Past tense film plots 2

E2: Speaking exam stories

E3: Comparing places

E3: Describing people







Keith's Comparatives: click, download & do!

Town and country (no gap text)


5 simple messages (spaces in the wrong places)

Please come shopping. (grammar correction)













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retired (archived worksheets)

Describing people 1
Fill in the gaps sentence practice. 

Describing people 2
Free writing activity.