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Headway pre intermediate course book

E2 CCM online grammar exercises

English File online

In English pre intermediate

Natural English





Present/past - verb 'to be' , 2

Regular verbs- past simple

Irregular past simple verbs - gapfill , 2

Body Vocabulary , Crossword , Wordsearch



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Past tense Questions activity.

Past tense answers

Past Tense Writing exercise

Version 2





What do the people like?

Like - text reconstruction punctuation and verbs Ex A, Ex B, Ex C

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punctuation practice 1

Lang in Use unit 1

WordPad Exercises
The best time of the day

Demonstration activity.

Spelling and Punctuation

Carly from Australia





1 Wh questions

2 Questions about people
Making Questions

3 About people 1
Writing sentences about personal information.

4 Writing about classmates
Choose a classmate and write sentences describing them.



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The Lottery Ticket, a difficult past tense gapped re-ordering exercise

Imagine . . .





Homes around the world Ex. 1+2, Ex 3+4,

Homes around the world Ex 1+2 all verbs gapped


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1. Example text (error correction)

2. Choosing correct words in a reading text

3. Writing sentences and directions

4. Writing directions (unit 3 p10 DfES E2 materials)




House and home
My favourite Room. Corect the text about a favourite room
Instructions. Key.

Jackson Guinness

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What's in the fridge?
count and uncount nouns practice.

What has Abdul got?
Write sentences about Abdul's possesions.


Vegetarianism worsheet

What is the Commonwealth





1. Capital cities matching activity drag and drop the cities onto the map. (Word skills)

2. Comparing Weather Websites worksheet (e-literacy)

3. Use the Web to find out the weather in the capital cities. Gapfill worksheet

4. Where in the World? World wide weather search worksheet

5. Weather comparatives sentence construction [Word worksheet]










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Speaking and Listening


Chemist A, Chemist B,

Flat A, Flat B,



There is - there are

A Room 1

A room 2 - harder




Describing People
clothes match activity

Clothes spelling test

Guided writing
Describing People worksheet 1, worksheet 2


Free writing
Describing people 1

Describing people 2

Describing people 3

Describing people 4



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Ismutara's Day. Correct the sentences. Re-order the sentences. Join the sentences together.

Ahmed's daily routine. Correct the sentences, re-order them and join them together.

1. What I did in the Xmas and New year Break Instructions; Key

2. My Weekend; Instructions; Key

3. Write about Muarizio Celi; NHPI u1 p6; Instructions

Eid Al Adha Text ordering a, b

My friend Maria. Make the phrases into a paragraph.

Saleema's Breakfast. Use the words to write a paragraph.








A My favourite Room. Corect the text about a favourite room

B Correct the sentences 1

C Write sentences about this room

D Describe this room 1

E Describe this room 2

F Correct the sentences 2




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Text reconstruction
1) A trip to York

2) Bangkok - a place I used to live

3) A trip to Cairo

4) Mosul A place I used to live

5) Afgoi - a place I used to live


7) Nov 04 A trip in the past - error correction and re-order Worksheet

complete paras

8) Question only Describe an accident

9) Question only Describe your teacher and classmates

all past papers

A trip idea gen sheet

my brro zubi

s texts









worksheet A sick note worksheet (Jan 05)

worksheet My Friend Ali Text construction worksheet

worksheet My Friend Ali puntuation worksheet


worksheet A trip to York worksheet Nov 04 Q1

worksheet A friend worksheet Aug 05 Q2

Dec 04 Questions
Q1 Activity enjoyed when a child
paper plan sheet, plan sheet 2, prep sheet, piano text, drawing text, writing sheet

Q2 Describe someone you met recently
a) a girl on the bus worksheet , key

b) a girl in the canteen, worksheet, key

extra Abdul Key, girl at bus stop key, girlin canteen key

) Sick note

Sick Note Gap-Fill

2) Where I live now

3) weather vocab game

4) Positive to negative sentences

5) correct the sentences

6) Dec 04 An Activity I enjoyed doing

7)Describing Someone

8) Oct_04 What I did before I came to the UK Worksheet

9) Sept 04 A problem learning when I was young
preperation worksheet

jumbled sentences worksheet

10) Sept 04 Describe where you study
pre-task vocab building

demonstration paragraph
Worksheet 1 short
worksheet 2 longer


11) Mar 05 Where I live now



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