(1) Sarah’s birthday is February 13th
(2) Our lesson starts 9 Thursday
(3) New Years day is 1st January
(4) I came to Britain 2005
(5) the evening I do my homework
(6) Christmas is December
(7) Mohamed plays football the weekend
(8) Ayesha wakes up 7.30
(9) I pick up my children from school the afternoon 3.30
(10) Thursday morning we study in the computer room
(11) This class finishes midday
(12) I started college 4th September
(13) Her birthday is January 13th
(14) I go on holiday the summer
(15) This course finishes July
(16) She leaves home quarter past eight
(17) She left the house 8.30 the morning
(18) Christmas children get presents
(19) Easter day children get chocolate eggs
(20) Halloween is October 31st
(21) I was born 1975
(22) the summer I like playing tennis
(23) Christmas day people give presents
(24) Her birthday is 7th November
(25) the morning I have a shower
(26) Valentines day is February 14th
(27) the weekend we visit our friends
(28) Bonfire night is November 5th
(29) I meet my sister for lunch Tuesdays 12.30
(30) Thursday afternoons Sonya teaches us
(31) New Year’s day we don’t work
(32) The train leaves half past two the afternoon Thursday
(33) Easter is April
(34) He walks his dog night
(35) She came to college 2003
(36) I’ll speak to you breaktime