Entry 3 Speaking exam

Complete the gaps using past simple or past continuous

I am going to tell a story about a funny experience I (have) last summer. It (be) a beautiful day . The sun (shine) and I (decide) to have a barbeque. I ( ring) all my friends and (ask) them to bring drinks. I ( tell) them that I (will) prepare the food. Then I (drive) into town and (buy) the food. I (buy) loads of food thinking I (cook) for at least 20 people. After this I (get) into my car but unfortunately there ( be) a traffic jam, so I (get) home late.

I (make) the salads and (light) the barbeque. I (expect) my friends at 7 pm but by 7.30 only 3 people had arrived. By 8 pm I (feel) really worried so I (ring) one of my friends on their mobile. She (tell) me that everybody (wait) at my old address. I hadn’t told them that I (live) in my new house. They (sit) on the step wondering where I (be). In the end they all (come) and we (have) a wonderful time!