Entry 3 Speaking exam part 1

(1) I agree you
(2) Manchester crowded than Didsbury
(3) What Tehran like?
(4) How have you known him?
(5) What the amenities like?
(6) What your friend look like?
(7) When you meet her?
(8) My sister more talkative me
(9) What buildings like London?
(10) She isn’t funny me
(11) What differences between you and your friend?
(12) you prefer Brighton Manchester?
(13) My friend taller than me
(14) I prefer Manchester London
(15) She has most beautiful eyes
(16) I don’t agree you
(17) He is easy going than me
(18) What his job?
(19) What does he like (do) free time?
(20) His hobby (swim)
(21) Her hair is (curly) mine
(22) I have lived Manchester for 5 years