E3 Speaking exam part 4

(1) We get there bus
(2) That’s good idea
(3) What you mean?
(4) Where we go?
(5) Sorry, what you say?
(6) Sorry , you repeat that please
(7) Okay, I bring my camera
(8) Parrswood cinema very near College , it?
(9) The Trafford Centre good shops , hasn't it?
(10) What you think?
(11) I prefer go the cinema because I'd like see “The Incredibles”
(12) I 'd rather to Lyme Park because it very relaxing place
(13) Wythenshawe Park has nice café, hasn't ?
Yes,it . But I think café Dunham Massey Park nicer
(14) buses Chester quite slow, aren't ?
(15) So you saying we should go bus
(16) How going Chester?
(17) Okay, who going book cinema tickets?
(18) you agree?
(19) everyone agree?
(20) I think that's good idea
(21) What time we meet?
(22) you think we should meet morning or afternoon?
(23) So ,you think we should to Trafford Centre?
(24) Why we take picnic?
(25) How we get there?
(26) I think Manchester be very crowded. I 'd prefer go somewhere quieter
(27) No, go first
(28) I prefer to go train because the buses so slow
(29) you been the restaurants Didsbury?
Yes , I .I went Pizza Express month. food there delicious , isn't it?
Yes , it
(30) I 'd prefer not go The Manchester Museum I have already been there before
(31) The Imax cinema shows good films , it?