Comparative adjectives

Put one word in each of the gaps

(1) An aeroplane a car ( fast)

(2) The countryside the town ( quiet)

(3) Apples chocolate ( healthy)

(4) English Chinese (easy)

(5) John me at football (good)

(6) London Leeds from Manchester (far)

(7) The USA the UK ( big)

(8) Manchester Crumpsall (noisy)

(9) I Mohammed (short)

(10) The weather in Britain in Somalia (wet)

(11) Chinese English (difficult)

(12) Ann Peter at cooking (bad)

(13) The weather in Sudan in Britain (hot)

(14) Manchester Crumpsall (busy)

(15) My armchair this chair (comfortable)

(16) She Lucy (pretty)

(17) Crisps chocolates (cheap)

(18) A tin of baked beans a sweet (heavy)