Obligation - present

(1) You can't a dog if you live in the town Iceland.
(2) You drive as fast as you like some motorways in Germany.
(3) If you drink and drive you to go prison for 6 months in Sweden.
(4) You have to an identity card in Britain.
(5) Women have do military service 3 years in Israel.
(6) You not allowed buy or eat chewing gum Singapore
(7) In class students allowed smoke
(8) At college you have wear uniform
(9) In Britain you are to vote in general election when you 18
(10) You be quiet in library
(11) In Saudi Arabia only men are to drive car
(12) In Britain you have get married in church
(13) You allowed talk on your mobile phone when you driving
(14) A politician have to young
(15) A nurse to wear uniform
(16) In Japan women aren't to wear trousers work
(17) A student allowed use the computers the library
(18) A chef have to the washing up