Past simple or past continuous

(1) They (fall) in love when they (work) in Rome
(2) She (read) quietly in her room when suddenly the lights (go) out and she (hear) a scream
(3) He (stand) up , (walk) across the room and (close) the window
(4) A young woman (walk) into an office. She (carry) a baby
(5) you (not/meet) your wife while you (live) in Italy?
(6) I (see)you in the park yesterday. You (sit) with your arm round John
(7) As soon as I (walk) into the room, she (hand) me a letter
(8) His father (be) really angry with him because he (listen) to music while he (do) his homework
(9) Why they (not/visit) me when they (stay) in London?
(10) What you (write) when your computer (crash)?