Present Perfect or Past Simple?

(1) I have (be)awake 7 o'clock
(2) They never (eat) meat
(3) you ever (see) ghost?
(4) They finished homework yet
(5) She just (wake)up
(6) They never (have) an accident
(7) I've never (be) Australia
(8) you (speak) to him yet?
(9) I (see) him yesterday
(10) you (speak) to him last week?
(11) Two days ago I (drive)to Trafford Centre and (buy)some clothes
(12) you ever (fall) over?
(13) you (fall) over last week?
(14) I (be) married 16 years
(15) I've (have) my shoes 2007
(16) They (move) house 3 years ago.
(17) She (do) her homework yet
(18) What you (wear) when you were school?
(19) I've (know) you I came to Britain
(20) you ever (write) a book?
(21) When you born?
(22) She already (take) the dog for a walk
(24) John is still holiday- he's to France
(25) They never (swim) in the sea
(26) I (swim) in the sea last year