Present simple or present continuous

(1) Let's go out. It (not rain) now.
(2) Julia is good at languages. She (speak) German very well.
(3) Hurry up! Everyone (wait) for you.
(4) ( you/listen) to the radio? No you can turn it off.
(5) The River Nile (flow) into the Mediterranean
(6) (you listen) to the radio every day ? No just occasionally.
(7) Look at the river. It (flow) very fast today.
(8) We usually (grow) vegetables but we (not/grow) any this year.
(9) Ron is in London at the moment. He(stay) at the Park Hotel. He always (stay) there when he comes to London.
(10) She (not/want) any food at the moment
(11) I (not/ believe) you
(12) Normally she (finish) work at 5 but this week she (work) until 6 to earn some more money.
(13) She (not/know) the answer
(14) Joe isn't here. He(see) the doctor at the moment
(15) We (not/enjoy)this party at all. It's too noisy.
(16) We (have)a party tomorrow
(17) She ( not/like) wearing skirts
(18) What she (do)? She's a doctor
(19) She (do) her homework at the moment