Uncountable nouns

(1) There a bread
(2) I like buy 2 of bread
(3) She doesn't drink wine
(4) There two jam the cupboard
(5) We have of students this classroom
(6) There some fruit a bowl the table
(7) There some vegetables the cupboard
(8) I don't have money
(9) She have any milk
(10) She got three milk the fridge
(11) I don't have pens
(12) She has hardly fruit juice
(13) There any food left
(14) He want any presents for birthday
(15) I like buy (2) packets biscuits and (12) bottles coke
(16) There any flour left
(17) There any potatoes the work surface
(18) I'd 2 pieces cake and cup tea
(19) She got some bananas and apple
(20) I don't have packets rice
(21) I have only a money and a friends
(22) you like some information about ESOL course?
(23) weather rainy and cold today