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Practise for the Trinity writing exam with these online worksheets.


Question One Worksheets

Correct the sentences Int A March 06

a) My first day at College (mixed error correction and gapped text) Instructions, spelling mistake exercise

b) Little Red Riding Hood (error correction) exercise; Instructions

c) Trip to Museum of Science and Industry (error correction)

d) The Best day of my life (error correction)

e) Letter for a Job interview about a typical day (gapped text).

f)Aug 05 Q1 Somewhere I've visited recently (error correction)

g) What has happened to you since you came to the UK (error correction)

h) Write about a film or TV programme (gapped text).

i) A trip to Cairo worksheet paper correct


trinity writing question two

Question Two worksheets

a) Informal invitation to a party worksheet, Instructions, Key Error correction, instructions

b) Community Centre Letter to correct; Instructions

c) Email to friends about English teacher's visit (gapped text).

d)Invitation to a college Party. Worksheet

e) Invite a friend to the seaside (gapped text).

f)Informal letter party invitation