New York and London

Gap-fill exercise

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I lived in the States for two years. I worked in New York and I enjoyed it .
I could go shopping after work there was a huge store that was open till nine o’clock. That made my life . I could even shop in the holidays. The public holidays than here and all the shops stay open!

New York is London but the nationalities do not mix they do in Britain. There are separate where different nationalities stay. In German Town for example there was a of German shops and everyone spoke German.

There are lots of differences. The buldings the buildings in Britain. Everything in New York and the people . People queue in England. New York taxi drivers in the world! New York a dangerous place and crime can be . The Subway the London Underground and it uncomfortable.

thing about America compared to Britain is that Americans really friendly. It to make friends there in Britain. I think Americans their more. If they don’t like something they tell you . It to know what they are thinking. British people usually say thing and think . It takes to make friends in Britain.