Suki's got a cold

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Poor Suki Sneeze doesn’t look well. She has a nose and she is coughing and sneezing, She has a . She sneezes, ‘A-choo!’ But how did Suki a cold? It’s all because of a nasty little character called a . Germs are living things but they are very, very, very small. They can only be seen with a . Nathan looks through the microscope and says, ‘Microscopes make things look .’ Nathan can see the cold germs. ‘There are of us!’ the germs say.

So, how do these tiny germs give us a cold?
Germs can live in the air, on the floor and on objects. Just touching germs doesn’t do any but they can make us feel ill if they get our bodies. Germs can get into our bodies in lots of ways. We can them in without noticing. If you put things in your mouth, like fingers, germs can get in that way too. If you have a cold, you can help stop it spreading by using a . Using a tissue to your nose and your mouth when you cough and sneeze helps stop germs .