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What colour is yoga?

What colour is yoga? This was this strange question I found myself thinking one early morning. I wanted to design a page to host the yoga content on my website and I needed a colour scheme. What to do? I decided to type the phrase into a search engine. Even as I did it I felt a bit ridiulous, but - hey - I got a result.

Seems like other people have actually considered this question as well. The main reason being to paint a 'yoga' room - a room in which to practice asana and pranayama.

Of course it's easy to just associate colours - for me the top three are purples, yellows and oranges (usually light). Purples and lilacs seem like 'mystic' colours to me. Calming ethereal. Saffron and orange shades seem linked to spiritualism through the saffron robes of Buddhist monks like in Thailand and Tibet. Yellows remind me of thai/chinese vegetarianism (the red and yellow Jay flags in Thailand) and Hinduism the yellow marks on someones head, yellow temples and robes.

These are just my own personal musings and feelings. I was interested to find out more specifically about the relationship between colour and yoga, so I set myself two research questions -

Are there colours asociated with yoga?

What about colour theory and colour therapy?




"My experience has led me to conclude that for an ordinary man or woman in any community of the world, the way to achieve a quiet mind is to work with determination on two of the eight stages of Yoga mentioned by Patanjali, namely, asana and pranayama." LoY p8