How many calories are there in a Banana?

There are 108 calories and 17.5 grams of carbohydrates in the average banana. Most of the calories in a banana come from carbohydrates, both naturally forming simple sugars and starch forms its carbohydrate content. Its interesting to note that the composition of carbohydrate calories change on ripening, the sugar levels rise and the starch levels fall as a banana ripens.

The protein calories in a banana only make up about one percent of its total calorie content however, this is much higher than the fat calories in the fruit which is less than one half percent.

There are many other fruits that have a calorie content lower than bananas so it's biggest asset is it is high in potassium. Potassium aids in reducing heart problems and high blood pressure and helps combats ulcers.

The calories in a banana are digested slowly and help supply the body with a steady source of energy. They are a great for an energy boost if eaten about an hour before physical activity.


The table below shows how many calories are in a banana.

Banana weight Protein Carbs Fat Banana Calories
Banana Medium

weighed with skin

130g 1.1g 21g 0.27g 86 cals
Banana Large

weighed with skin

170g 2g 39g 0.5g 162 calories
Banana average

flesh only

114g 1.4g 17.5g 0.2g 108 calories
Banana Milk


100 ml 18 g - - 140 cals

    Values for banana calories may vary between different sizes!