esent perfect - choose the correct answer multiple choice quiz

present perfect or past simple sentence correction exercise 1

Type the correct verbs in these texts
Famous Mums and Dads

Nancy Mann' Job Interview
-1 type the text
- 2 drop down menu

Nancy Mann Sentences

If I <past simple> I WOULD <present simple>...

Second Conditional: I have a Dream
Reading and grammar exercises from

Sentence re-ordering
New Headway Intermediate Unit 8 Online

Sentence matching
New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 12 Online

Second Conditional 1

Second Conditional 2
Second Conditional 3

Second Conditional 4

Second Conditional 1

Second Conditional - Exercise 2

mixed conditionals

Very difficult Business English First Conditional Exercise 1, Exercise 2

Multiple choice exercise

Natural English unit 9 first and second conditional

Present Simple



Forming the Present Simple
from UVic English Language Centre

present simple and continuous

Frequency Adverbs and the present simple from (with audio)

Irregular Past Participle Forms Exercise from ESL Blues

Practice the verb forms of English Irregular Verbs at ESL Desk. 168 English Irregular Verbs. 2 lists and 2 Interactive Exercises


Present Perfect and past simple Natural English unit 3 Ex 1, Ex 2,

Present Perfect Multiple choice exercises from UVic English Language Centre
Exercise 1 , Exercise 2

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An Introduction to the future with will from UVic English Language Centre Exercise 1, Exercise 2

The Future with "Going To" from the UVic English Language Centre Introduction & 1 exercise

Multiple choice matching exercises from Going to 1, Going to 2

Future Arrangements
Going to vs Present Continuous when talking about arrangements

Will or going to?

will or going to on the Headway Website

Natural English unit 8 predictions with will and going to

will or going to

Multiple choice testing the concepts behind usage of will, going to etc

Four Ways to Talk About the Future
 Introduction & 1 exercise


Past tenses pellmanism game
Match the present and past forms of verbs in this fun game with sound. From

Speed word Games practicing the Past Tense of Irregular Verbs Ex-1, Ex-2, Ex-3, Ex-4, Ex-5, Ex-6, Ex-7




re-order the words to make wh questions

Write the questions to the answers



If I <present simple> I WILL <present simple>....

First Conditional 1

First Conditional 2
Gap-fill exercise

First or Second Conditional?
[from Collège Claparede]

Natural English unit 9 past continuous

Past Simple and Past continuous text cloze exercises
A Bad Holiday


The Bald Knight

Past tense crossword 1


Ways of Looking 
A series of Exercises that practice vocabulary to describe different ways of looking.


Matching activity, Spelling activity, Drag and drop activity

Extreme Adjectives matching exercises

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3